This is how we do it.

Ochre Legal provides a comprehensive range of legal services supporting the procurement and contracting functions of local governments, state government entities and the private sector.

Practical, collaborative and continuous support

We utilise a unique approach to service delivery and invoicing to break down the barriers to effective legal support so that legal services can be provided cost-effectively and in real time before problems arise.

Ochre Legal Government Law Firm
Contract Law


Ochre Legal develops and maintains contract and procurement templates that are simple, easy to use and are designed to be understood by those who use them to procure and manage contracts (not just other lawyers). This means that your team spends less time preparing legal documentation, and more time planning and delivering outcomes.

Ochre Legal is one of the leading providers of template procurement and contract documentation in Australia – with templates created by our team members currently used by nearly half of local governments in Queensland along with other local government and state government entities around Australia.

Project specific support

Ochre Legal can provide tailored ad hoc or end-to-end legal support for the delivery of routine or complex projects, through project planning, document development procurement and contracting and contract management support.

For examples of our project specific experience, please see our Construction experience page.

Construction Law
Legal Training


At Ochre, training is not just a value-add, it is a core part of our business and a key tool used to increase the capability of our clients resulting in better outcomes for our clients and a lower dependency on external legal support.

We develop and deliver tailored, interactive, practical and entertaining training workshops on all aspects of probity, procurement, contracts and construction.