It’s law, but different.

Traditional methods of delivering legal support may have served clients well to date, but for many clients, we feel there’s a better way.

We don’t just work for our clients, we work with them.

We work hand in hand with the procurement and project delivery teams of our clients so that legal support can be provided cost-effectively, in real time before problems arise.

We’re all about building capability.

We believe in providing the tools, support and training to build the internal capability of our clients to operate in an often-difficult environment.  We understand resourcing limitations and make it easier for our client’s employees to do their jobs.

Our clients are our best teachers.

We don’t just assist our clients, we learn from them. We are continuously developing and refining our practices and resources to harness the collective experiences of our clients.

We're connected.

When assistance outside of our core areas is needed, we call upon an extensive network of specialist lawyers and consultants to ensure that our clients always get the right team for their needs.

We push the boundaries.

We push the boundaries of how legal services are delivered to ensure that remoteness, budgetary constraints and limited internal resources do not compromise the extent and quality of legal services our clients obtain.  This includes utilising technology, non-traditional charging methods, multi-client collaboration and building templates to decrease reliance on external legal support.

We’re focussed.

We know what we are good at, and we stick to it.  Our lawyers exclusively provide construction, contracts, procurement and probity related legal services for government entities, and the consultants and contractors that support them.