What We Do.

Construction Law.

We assist local government, state government and Australian government entities as well as private sector contractors and consultants in the successful delivery of construction and infrastructure projects of all shapes and sizes.  We have the practical nous and efficiency to effectively support business-as-usual projects and the expertise, experience and commercial acumen to facilitate the delivery of complex, high value infrastructure projects.

Our team members have assisted with:

  • the reconstruction of more than $1 billion in disaster affected assets;
  • the development of multiple materials recovery facilities;
  • the development of water and sewage treatment plants and related infrastructure;
  • the construction or reconstruction of roads, bridges and other civil works;
  • the delivery of multiple early learning centres;
  • the delivery of multiple data centres;
  • capital and maintenance dredging arrangements; and
  • the delivery of practical, interactive contract management training workshops to local government, state government and the private sector.

Contract Law.

Ochre Legal supports clients in the planning, procurement and delivery of a broad range of significant and routine activities.

We develop and facilitate the implementation of a comprehensive range of template and project specific contract documentation for local government, state government and Australian government entities.

Our Ochre Legal team members have developed template contract

documentation used by nearly half of the local governments in Queensland and may other government and non-government entities around Australia.

We understand that contracts must be legally sound and effective, but also that they must be able to be read, understood and used by the people with a diverse range of skills, experience and expertise, many of whom have limited time available to them.

Our work regularly includes the provision of contracts such as:

  • fixed term contracts for activities such as facilities operation, maintenance, management, cleaning, landscaping;
  • panel contracts for routine procurement such as plant hire and trade and mechanical services;
  • strategically significant contracts such as waste strategy, waste collection, waste management and recycling;
  • design and project management contracts for the delivery of routine and significant infrastructure;
  • bespoke documentation for innovative activities, such as the supply, installation and management of community batteries; and
  • funding agreements and memoranda of understanding for joint project activities.

Procurement Law.

The provision of procurement legal support to local government and other government entities is a cornerstone of the Ochre Legal practice.  Our team offers a unique insight into local government procurement and contracts, with key team members having worked both in private practice and in-house for local governments in both the UK and Australia as lawyers and procurement officers.

Ochre Legal works in collaboration with council procurement teams in the planning and implementation of routine and non-routine procurement processes. We focus on providing sound but practical advice, which promotes efficient and compliant procurement processes.

The Ochre Legal team can assist you with:

  • routine ad hoc procurement advice to support your procurement team;
  • easy-to-use and legally sound template procurement documentation;
  • project specific procurement support in the planning and implementation of complex procurement activities;
  • procurement and evaluation documentation and support; and
  • practical, interactive training workshops.


Ochre Legal’s probity team is trusted by clients across the government sector. Led by two accredited Probity Advisors, Gerard Meade and Adam Ozdowski, our team has extensive experience in developing, implementing, overseeing and reviewing government procurement processes. We help our clients deliver a procurement process that is fair, transparent and able to withstand internal and external scrutiny.  We adapt our documentation, processes and procedures to suit your needs, including the risk and complexity, of the project to ensure that the process remains practical and efficient.


You can contact our probity team if you need assistance with:

  • Developing a probity framework or probity documentation;
  • Planning for and/or probity oversight of a procurement process;
  • Review of a completed procurement process;
  • Reviews of procurement documentation;
  • Project assurance services; and
  • Probity awareness training or template reviews.